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Eric was born in Orlando, FL. He is a graduate of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry having worked along side fireonthealtar, thousands have been touched by his music and books around the world. He is burdened to see the church return to undivided love for Jesus, glorious fellowship with the Holy Spirit bearing fruit for the coming accountability to God. Eric believes that experiencing God is the very source of the authentic Christian life. Eric's mission is to bring the church into a deeper experience of God's presence in their daily lives and preach the gospel throughout the world. He currently resides in Orlando, FL with his wife and 2 daughters.

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Eric Gilmour in Hungary

Thursday (October 17) we'll open the conference at 6pm. Friday (Oct.18) we'll start from 4pm with soaking-worship "Practicing the Presence of God". The conference itself will start from 6pm. Saturday (Oct.19) throughout the whole day (10-12.30am, 2-5pm and 6-10pm approx. We will go into the presence of the Lord with praise and worship. The ministry of Eric Gilmour will take place according to the guidance and actuality of Holy Spirit.

Eric Gilmour Konferencia

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Rhema Conference Center

Hungary, 1089 Budapest, VIII. District (Jozsefvaros), Golgota Str. 9.

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Attention: registration needed for attendance!

Ticket purchase can only be guaranteed until the hall is full (up to 1000 persons)

No matter which session you attend to, there’s only one same ticket for the entire conference.

3000 HUF /person
equals with 9 Euro or 10.5 USD
  • Ticket sale
Purchasing your ticket

Unfortunately we can not provide childcare services during the event, so ticket prices are for adults only. If the parent supervises his or her child, entry for children under the age of 12 is free of charge. If a child under the age of 12 is required a separate seat, please notify us because in the case of a full house, if it is not indicated, the parent will have to hold the child or sit him/her in his/her lap. Thank you all for your understanding.


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Amennyiben valaki együtt szeretné megvásárolni az Iskola és a Konferencia díját (kettő együttesen 10,000.-Ft) az Iskola jegyvásárlási oldalán teheti meg átutalás formájában:

Purchasing your ticket

If you have any problems, issues or questions in regards to payment, please write us to the following e-mail address: or call the following phone number: +36703092323

Frequently Asked Questions and answers

It is an interdenominational conference, not a religious group or congregation but the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Lord of it! Of course, all denominations and churches can connect in as we cooperate with anyone who is opened. We welcome pastors and other ministers with great love, appreciation and honor. The ministry team and helpers will come from all over, those who love and want to serve our blessed Redeemer with their full heart.

The conference is organized by Dunamis Hungary. The main organizers are Eva & Csaba Gegeny. You can find more information about Dunamis through this website:
You will hear English and Hungarian, these two languages throughout the whole conference. Praise and worship will be in Hungarian. If you speak a different language and will require interpretation please notify us when you register. Let us know if you know an interpreter in your language or if we need to get one for you. We also need to know how many people need interpretation on your language whether we should organize devices for it or not.
Based on previous conferences, the experience was that if paid registration was not required, often the intention of participation was not real and thus it happened that the large number of registrants proved to be too large compared to the actual number of participants, which put a financial burden on the conference organizers who had to pay for the building. Therefore, the rather symbolic entrance fee is more indicative of the commitment that the person really would like to participate on the conference.

It is possible to purchase tickets to bless each other, thereby practicing brotherly love.

Generally accepted practice in Europe, as well as in America to hire a place for Christian conferences and the rental fee is covered by the registration fee. However such conferences are quite expensive opposed to our Dunamis conferences which will not even nearly cover the actual costs associated with the event but that was not even our intention, as mentioned earlier…

• Anyone who may have difficulties paying the amount of the ticket, stop and think about what is the price of a movie ticket, a four-scoop ice cream, a fast food dinner in Hungary, etc... In addition to everyone will have several months to gather this tiny little fee together.
Conferences are not the same as normal Church services where participation is free but Christian interdenominational conferences tied to an entry fee which is accepted throughout the whole world.

The Gospel and the ministry is free but in order to get the Gospel brought close to us, a venue to be paid with its overhead costs and services, these all cost money.
We can only provide space for pre-registered and valid ticket holders for the event if we have a full house. If the available number of seats will allow this, of course, it will also be possible to buy tickets on site but as of now we are not able to guarantee that.
Our online purchase system is for online payment only. If you do not have a bank account, please contact a friend who does and can help you.
One person can buy more than one ticket. The main reason for the ticketing system is to make the process easier, helping to avoid having to stand in a long queue at the registration desk before we find the attendee in our computer system by name... Anyone, even communities can buy dozens of tickets to help those who are unable to do so. Of course, all of your purchased tickets will be under the name of the person who transacted the purchase but each ticket will have a separate unique bar (QR) code and serial number to make it simple, effective and verifiable (cannot be copied).
Tickets will be sent to you in an e-mail once your payment was successful.

If a technical issue occurred, please contact us by clicking on Contact above.
Cardholder’s full name: the name which is on the bankcard
Long number of bankcard: the 16 digit number in the middle of your card, without any space or hyphen
Expiration date: on your card you will find the month and the year of expiration
Verification Code: CVV – it is at the back of the card, close to the signature
The purchased tickets are not product items so it is not possible to pay it (them) back. In case someone has changed his/her mind, the tickets can be given away to someone else. In order to organize a conference, the organizers have to pay all costs even if an attendant decided not to come. In case a double payment or any other technical issue occurred please contact us, so we can help resolve any problems
You can find the Privacy Information on the following link:
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Visa Electron: not embossed, for these cards, the issuing bank determines whether it allows the card to be used on the Internet.
MasterCard: embossed
MasterCard Electronic: not embossed, for these cards, the issuing bank determines whether it allows the card to be used on the Internet.
Maestro: The condition of the acceptance, that your card issuing bank will also support the use the Maestro cards for e-commerce transactions.
Elfogadott kártyatípusok

One ticket is valid for each meeting as well as the whole conference, for several reasons:

- Most of us do not know ahead of time which meeting we can come to, or maybe later something can change our plans and we may not be able to make it to come exactly to the meeting we originally bought the ticket for, but to another. Or perhaps we can come for the whole conference, but if there are no more tickets available, there is no chance for the change.

- Separate tickets would complicate the administration for not only the administrator but the conference organizers, those that are responsible for admissions and the attendees too - the possibility of making mistakes is almost inevitable. (Separate tickets - with separate codes, separate armbands on arrival, separate counting, etc ...)

- We have to keep track of how many people are in the hall because of fire and accident prevention regulations and we are contracted to comply with them. And if we accidentally let people enter in another day (because making mistakes is a human thing...) and we exceed the number of people, the responsibility is ours (this may lead to a severe punishment upon a check-up...).

- With a "one ticket" purchase, we also want to encourage participants to come not just for one meeting but - if possible – all of them, because most of the messages are built on each other and they are fully understood when we hear it all and we are able to take God's FULL blessings of the conference if we are there from the beginning to the end. Experience has shown that it is necessary to attend more than one meeting in order for us to actually give ourselves fully to the Spirit of God, to "let go" and "tune" on praise and worship, the spiritual atmosphere, and the message that the preacher (conference speaker) carries.

- The price of the ticket is rather "symbolic", which is a fair amount for a single meeting, not spoken even for a whole conference (we have already written about it previously).


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